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Word Puzzle Game

Guess the hidden word:

How to play Anti-Wordle Game:

  1. The game generates a random 5-letter word at the top of the screen. Your goal is to guess this word by typing in other 5-letter words that are not the correct answer.
  2. Type your guess into the input field provided and click the “Check” button. The game will tell you how many letters your guess has in common with the secret word. For example, if the secret word is “apple” and you guess “happy”, the game will tell you that you have 3 letters in common.
  3. Keep guessing different 5-letter words until you figure out the secret word. The game will keep track of how many guesses you’ve made so far.
  4. If you guess the secret word correctly, you win! The game will display the number of guesses you took and give you the option to play again.
  5. If you run out of guesses without correctly guessing the secret word, you lose. The game will reveal the secret word and give you the option to play again.
  6. Enjoy the game


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Anti-Wordle-Game hints Today

We have some Hints that might be helpful in solving the answer for Anti-Wordle-Game today.

  1. Hint: The word starts with the letter Q.
  2. Hint: The word contains the letter “E”.
  3. Hint: The word is a noun.
  4. Hint: You can call it a position or Honor.

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