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Game Name Quordle
Developed by Chazun
New puzzle time 12:00 AM
Year 2023
Session 15th December 2023
Recent Answer Updated
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Quordle is an exciting word game that has gained popularity among players of all ages. It presents a unique challenge where players are tasked with arranging letters to form meaningful words. Every day, Quordle offers a new puzzle for players to solve, providing them with a sequence of letters that they must decipher to find the answer.

Deciphering the Puzzle

To successfully solve the daily puzzle in Quordle, you need to identify the starting words and utilize the clues provided. The first step is to carefully analyze the given sequence of letters and determine which ones could potentially form words. By rearranging these letters, you can create different combinations and test them against the clues provided.

Using Clues to Your Advantage

The clues in Quordle serve as valuable hints that guide you towards finding the correct answer. They may provide information about specific letter placements or offer insights into which words are longer or shorter than others. Pay close attention to these clues as they can significantly narrow down your options and help you make progress in solving the puzzle.

Placing Letters Correctly on Your Keyboard or Phone

Once you have identified potential word combinations based on the given sequence of letters and clues, it’s time to place them correctly on your keyboard or phone. Make sure each letter is in its designated spot according to your chosen combination. This step is crucial for ensuring that you are forming valid words that fit within the given constraints.

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A Guide for Success in Quordle

To increase your chances of success in Quordle, here are some tips:

  1. Start with common prefixes and suffixes: Many English words begin or end with familiar letter combinations such as “un-” or “-ing.” Keep these patterns in mind when analyzing the given sequence of letters.
  2. Experiment with different word lengths: Try forming both short and long words using the available letters. This approach allows you to explore various possibilities and discover hidden combinations.
  3. Use context clues: Sometimes, the given clues in Quordle provide contextual information that can help you determine the correct letter placement. For example, if a clue mentions a specific word being longer than another, it suggests that certain letters should be placed further apart.
  4. Don’t overlook uncommon words: While common words are more likely to appear in Quordle puzzles, don’t discount the possibility of less frequently used words. Be open to exploring different vocabulary options to crack the code.

Remember, solving Quordle puzzles requires a combination of logic, creativity, and vocabulary skills. It’s not just about finding any word but rather discovering the specific answer that aligns with the given sequence of letters and clues.

So challenge yourself daily with Quordle and put your word-solving abilities to the test!

Quardle Previous Answers:

Quordle GameDateWords
Quordle 692December 17th, 2023SOLAR, GENIE, ENNUI, PLACE
Quordle 691December 16th, 2023EXULT, POSSE, FRANK, SPIKY
Quordle 690December 15th, 2023FELON, GHOST, SASSY, CLEAR
Quordle 689December 14th, 2023FEWER, RERUN, SPEAK, CREEP
Quordle 688December 13th, 2023MELEE, GOLLY, HEIST, PLACE
Quordle 687December 12th, 2023SCRAP, ETHOS, CONDO, SNORT
Quordle 686December 11th, 2023BASAL, BARON, HASTE, MANIA
Quordle 685December 10th, 2023GODLY, THUMP, PLANK, CIVIC
Quordle 684December 9th, 2023POKER, WHACK, HOBBY, BAGEL
Quordle 683December 8th, 2023THEFT, SAINT, MUSHY, TALON
Quordle 682December 7th, 2023SNAKY, SPOON, SUITE, SPELT
Quordle 681December 6th, 2023SCOFF, TONIC, WAVER, FIZZY
Quordle 680December 5th, 2023PRANK, SHUSH, CUTIE, SHELL
Quordle 679December 4th, 2023STOMP, KNEED, NANNY, BUDDY
Quordle 678December 3rd, 2023STICK, TWICE, WHOOP, WAIVE
Quordle 677December 2nd, 2023DEPOT, MODAL, PANIC, GRUFF
Quordle 676December 1st, 2023NORTH, PUPPY, THINK, PLUCK